Take This Healthy Foods To Lose Weight Quiz and Test Your Nutrition Knowledge

Do you think you know about healthy foods to lose weight? Take this quiz and test your knowledge. Select from the given choices then after I will offer my analysis.

1. When selecting a low sugar fruit bowl for breakfast I will normally have:

a) A bowl of cut bananas.

b) A bowl of peaches.

c) A bowl of raspberries.

The correct answer is C. Bananas have the highest content of sugar whereas peaches have a moderate amount of sugar. Raspberries on the other hand, have one of the lowest amounts of sugar in addition to having a tremendous amount of anti-oxidants.

2. When preparing my vegetables, the healthiest way to cook them is to:

a) Fry them.

b) Steam them.

c) Boil them.

The correct answer is B. The best way to prepare healthy 먹튀검증 to lose weight is by steaming them. In doing so you preserve all the natural minerals and lock in the vitamins that vegetables contain. By boiling or frying them you drastically denature the original state of the veggies and reduce the nutritional value considerably.

3. If I am on a Low-Carb diet I will try to avoid this item the most.

a) Apples

b) Cabbage

c) Potatoes

The correct answer is C. A regular size potato has roughly 35 grams of carbohydrates whereas an apple has only 19 grams. Of the many healthy foods to lose weight potatoes have among the highest concentration of carbs. Not only is it high in carbohydrates but it has a lot of starch as well. Too much starch will make the body retain more water and fluid than usual. Reducing the amount of starch along with sodium would greatly reduce the amount of water retention in the body.

Go back and review these questions see how many you answered wrong and try to figure out why is it that you got them incorrect. Try to see if there are any areas of your diet or lifestyle in general that you can adjust in order to get the most out of your diet the next time you are eating healthy foods to lose weight.

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